To show your BEST, take care of YOURSELF

Hello again. Since a couple of weeks I have been reading and surfing the net looking for articles of been health, and searching for food and recepies good for the body. Why? cause I'm tired of had periods with health troubles during this past year  and recently i figured out I'm sick again, so..I did propuese awareness and care for myself, I believe should not be normal to spend your life taking medications and visiting your doctor every week and leaving his/her your salary, and your mood as well, or at least in my case.

So...these were my conclusions:

1) FOOD and WATER: most of all sickness happens because our body is not receiving energy and nutrients to work efficiently, and why happens  that? simple: because we don't eat correctly, the energy that our body needs to do all the functions he does, it will get for the food we give it, and thats the reason to eat for to feed our body and not just to quench our hungry.

2) SLEEP JUST WHAT YOUR BODY NEED, NOT YOUR STRESS: A regular working people need 6 to 8 hours to rest, (or less than 5 if you are Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin), so forget the "just another five minutes" each morning and stand up your humanity because the day wants you awake and prepared.

3) MOVE: dont forget your body needs movement, do exercise, walk, jogging, swimm, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, go to the gym, plractice some sport, whatever you prefer but do something. Your body needs movement to release toxins , tone up and work muscles and joints so they do not atrophy.

4) SMILE, LAUGH, SOCIALIZE. Enjoy life, see those litle things you ignore in your day, like smells, graceful sounds (music you like, a baby laugh, birds sing, voice of your loving people). There's always some beauty en every moment and in every place. 

Need not be in this order, but in summary I'm talking about one only thing: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, start thinking about you in first place, in taking your body, your thoughts, what you do, what you eat, what you need, what you want, if you do it, you will start to being different, a better person, because you will stop being in a hurry, you will take control of your days and activities, and you will have the energy for do those. Once this happens life for you will get another perspective, you will have the capacity an liberty to see and choose the best solucion of everything.

That is what I want so I'm gonna make it, I already started with food, so you please wish me luck and courage, also I invite you if you want join this ideal.



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