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What am I doing here?

Hi dears, have you ever make your self THE question? Have you ever feel like a totally strange in your own place? With your people? I have,  and unfortunately   more than once.
So, the real question then, it will be What am I doing... or not doing? What should I do? Cause its clear for me there's something wrong, it is not possible to feeling part of nothing, right?

To keep your lack of inspiration (or whatever it's called) and therefore to been suffering; or 
Take this stranger time to talk to yourself and find a little bit of hope, some sunshine to make you feel better and to guide you to find your new track and then cling to maintain your course and keep going until one day you will no longer need to remind yourself the way which you can move forward without relying on the past. Easy? Absolutely no, but I think while we stay alive, we must try.
I'm going to try, I hope you do as well.